Wellness Centre

The Theia Thermal Baths Wellness Centre

Sensations of heat, cold, aromas, music and relaxation for your physical and mental well-being.

The Theia Thermal Pools are directly connected to the wellness center with sauna, Turkish bath, rasul, relaxation area, emotional showers and cold shower.

Turkish bath

steam bath that constitutes a unique moment with beneficial positive effects, on an organic and psychological level, generating a remarkable state of relaxation and new well-being.


The Rasul bath is an ancient purification ritual handed down to us by the tradition of the art of oriental cures. It is an extraordinary combination of purifying products, beneficial heat, steam and enchanting scents that promote the purification of the body.

Emotional showers

Through the use of water, colors, lights and aromas it is possible to have a unique feeling of well-being and relaxation. The lights, the waters, the perfumes relax and pamper the body and mind.

Relaxation area

In the relaxation area you can relax on the chaises longues, sipping purifying herbal teas, all accompanied in the background by sophisticated new age music

Ice Bucket

With a rustic flavor, the bucket shower reflects in its simplicity the embodiment of the contrast shower par excellence, a burst of energy after the pleasure of heat, ideal for fully experiencing the emotion of wellness.

Finnish sauna

The classic Finnish sauna which includes a living room in a cabin with wooden benches. In these environments, the heat can reach temperatures up to 100 ° C, but thanks to the low humidity it transforms into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles, favoring the purification of the body.