If you think the spas are places not suitable for children, you will have to change your mind. Terme di Chianciano with its Theia Thermal Pools is the perfect offer for the whole family. Theia pools have been enriched of a new and extraordinary spa with: Finnish sauna, a cool bucket shower, relaxation area with chaises longues, emotional showers, rasul (wet sauna where a purifying treatment is performed) and the Turkish bath with beautiful and magical stellar ceilings … In addition, a free swimming pool was inaugurated in the indoor area (as seen in the picture) with games, a bathtub with colored balls and the two mascottes Theiamilla and Ippoltrone, the little giraffe and his hippopotamus friend.
Here in the picture: the nice Theiamilla in blue, color of water and fantasy. There are child-friendly services and two spa experiences for children from six to twelve, “Dry Cave” and the “ Wet Grotto” that bring children to the spa environment with temperatures suited to them and evocative vapors. Nevertheless, in the children’s area, there are hot-air balloons!
Children, bring your parents, grandparents, uncles, older brothers into the pools. We promise you they will behave!

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